The Backbone of the Global Telecommunications System

We operate a next-generation network which spans from New York all the way around the world to California linking up key Asian and Middle East markets.

Our focus is to connect these Emerging Markets to established markets in Europe and North America, offering ultra-high bandwidth services up to 100Gbps, facilitating the mass movement of Internet traffic, OTT content, and enterprise data and Cloud computing services.

Our network is built to facilitate digital transformation with bandwidth services available to enterprises, OTT and content providers and telecoms carriers all the way up to 100Gbps throughout its length and breadth.

FLAG Atlantic (FA-1)

Multi-terabit/s trans-Atlantic system between London, Paris & New York with onward connectivity to Washington DC and Frankfurt.

  • 100Gbps dual fiber loop providing fully-protected services to ensure maximum network uptime
  • Separate North and South trans-Atlantic cables provide geographic and fibre diversity.
  • Two way diversity into US without any Single Point Of Failure
  • Dedicated, unique landings in New York, UK & France
  • One of only 2 subsea cable systems to connect directly between the USA and France
  • Offers lowest latency between New York and Paris
FA-1 subject to regulatory approval in the United States


Express cable system between Western Europe & Middle East with seamless onward connectivity to the USA, Middle East and Asia.

  • End-to-end connectivity between London, Paris, Frankfurt, Marseille, Cyprus, Egypt
  • Express protected path across Egypt from Alexandria to Suez
  • Seamless inter-connectivity with Falcon, FEA, FA-1
  • Complementary, diverse route to FEA connecting London to Asia offering choice and service protection
  • Bandwidth options available from 2Mbps to 100Gbps
  • The only subsea cable across the Mediterranean to be owned and operated by a single provider


The most extensive subsea cable in the Middle East connecting from Suez all the way to Colombo with a full loop around the Persian Gulf.

  • 20 PoPs and Landing stations in 14 countries; than any other Middle East system:
Egypt UAE Iran
Sudan Qatar India
Saudi Arabia Bahrain Maldives
Yemen Kuwait  Sri Lanka
Oman  Iraq
  • The only self‐healing loop around the Persian Gulf offering greater levels of resilience and availability than other systems
  • Multiple landings in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iran to provide greater diversity
  • Seamlessly integrated with Hawk and FEA for onwards connectivity to the US, Europe and India
  • Almost 60 Tbps of aggregate design capacity
  • Advance network engineering provides highest possible levels of availability

FLAG North Asian Loop (FNAL)

Diverse connectivity between Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan via the FNAL North Asia Cable System (NACS) and the FNAL West Asia Cable System (WACS).

  • Resilient loop system designed and operated to ensure max network uptime
  • Shortest cable path & lowest latency between Hong Kong and Korea
  • Support for a variety of bandwidths up to 100Gbps
  • 400Gbps backhaul on key metro networks including Hong Kong & Tokyo
  • Designed to remain fully operational during devastating earthquakes, tsunamis & other natural disasters

The anatomy of subsea cables

Explore the pivotal role of submarine cables in global connectivity through GCX’s Subsea Connectivity Explainer Film. Witness our meticulous approach to mapping the ocean bed and deploying high-tech cables, ensuring secure connections for over 99% of intercontinental data traffic. Welcome to a world where data is made better with GCX.